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The Tigris Corporation Limited was founded on October 6, 2009 The Tigris Crop is founded on the strength of over 30 years of collective experience of its principals and personnel who have worked in prime MNCs worldwide. Tigris is an independent full service marketing consulting firm managed by a team who have the extensive experience from financial, industrial, consumer and marketing communications firms offering domestic and international clients valuable insights into the Thai marketplace and the benefit of a unique perspective which is both contemporary and traditional.

The Tigris Corporation Limited is owned and managed by Thai entrepreneurs and builds enduring partnerships with its local and overseas clients based on trust, understanding and mutual respect. As true partners with our clients in the public and private sectors we build long-term communications platforms that ensure results and consistent, measurable performance.

We differentiate ourselves from many competitors in the Asian market by our indigenous roots. Our international expertise is underpinned by support from foreign professionals who understand Asia. We represent a new generation of proudly Asian communicators who understand the region and how it relates to the world.

The Tigris Corporation Limited also subscribes to the integrated organizational management approach which encompasses business vision, policy and operational strategy and seeks to cement a sustainable business philosophy into the culture of an organization, ensuring long-term profit and integration in the community.



The Tigris Corporation Limited.

We are the only independent, truly Asian, marketing research group, with full service operations in New Zealand, Turkey, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Since our inception in 2009 ...

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Our Network

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