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The Tigris Corporation Limited Consultants in Business Operation will ponder on the best strategy to fit your organization and provides a wide range of operation consulting to help focus your vision of success.

  • 1. Operation Consulting
  • We will suggest the best Operational Strategy from which you will get benefits as follow:

    • Achieve customer advantages through operational excellence.
    • Build up your confidence and vision to gain durable and differentiated competitive advantage.
    • Smooth communication and collaboration both inside and outside your company.
    • Reduce your organization's cost of operation.

    Sourcing & Procurement Services

    Market Sectors ;

    • Material
      • Gas kit for vehicle (LPG,NGV)
      • gas
      • Natural Rubber
      • rubber
      • Packaging
      • packaging
      • Cosmetic
      • cosmetics
      • Food
        • Seafood
        • seafoods
        • Shrimp paste
        • Shrimp Paste
        • Fish sauce
        • FishSauce
        • Durian
        • durian
        • Canned Pineapple
        • pinapple
        • Bird nest
        • birds nest
    • FDA
      • Cosmetic
      • Drug
      • Food
      • Medical Device
      • Narcotics
      • Hazardous Substances
    • ETC
  • 2. Marketing Consulting
  • No company can afford substandard Marketing in today's highly competitive environment.

    The Tigris Corporation Limited provides a wide range of marketing consulting to help focus your vision of success. We provide the following services:

    • Marketing Consultants will provide you with most advanced marketing techniques and a Team of Experts.
    • Market strategies are ranging from targeting your market to positioning your company to differentiate it from competitors and providing core features for your Products/Services.
    • The marketing strategy enhances your goals.
    • Consultants will help you to identify your priority marketing goals and to set up a comprehensive strategy along with the related implementation plan to ensure that you will reach economic advantages, sales development, and success.
    • We provides a wide range of marketing consulting to help focus your vision of success.

    The Tigris Corporation Limited Market Analysts will assist in predicting the direction of markets based on financial and sociocultural elements such as place, lifestyle, trends, geography, culture and so on... Market Analysts will systematically investigate the size and the composition of your market by looking at market environment and all other factors that impact it. Consultants will help to remove uncertainty before you make Strategic moves on your market thus making sure you hit the heart of your target.

    Business Consulting & Research

    In a competitive market your product needs to stand out from your competitors and maintain and increase your current customer base. There are many ways I can facilitate :

    • 1. Market Research - Competitors, Customers, Market Place, Pricing
    • 2. Business Analysis - Processes, Pricing Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer Retention
    • 3. Marketing - USP, Marketing Channels, New Marketing Ideas, PR, Customer Benefits
    • 4. Effective Team Working - Planning, Policies, Processes
    • 5. New Product Launches - Marketing, Websites, Exhibitions, PR, Advertising

    Business Research

    • Market Research
    • Customer Satisfaction Research
    • Market Feasibility Study

  • 3. Property & Real Estate
  • On the real estate acquisition side, we represent buyers at all stages of the process, from advice on selection and location to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. You'll take advantage of our local market knowledge and contacts in real estate capital markets around the globe, as well as our deep experience in commercial real estate strategy, leasing and management. This means a broader value perspective on property utilization prospects – not to mention a finger on the pulse of real-time market conditions at any moment, anywhere in the world.

    We have consultants who possess solid experienced in real estate industry, to give you advices relating to real estate, covering all issues.

    • Find the residential accommodation, condominium.
    • Find vacant land plot for construction of hotel, resort, warehouse, housing project and land in industrial estate for factory construction.
    • Find the real estate buyer, such as vacant land plot, resort, entire project, condominium, residential accommodation.
    • Advisory on real estate projects.




The Tigris Corporation Limited.

We are the only independent, truly Asian, marketing research group, with full service operations in New Zealand, Turkey, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Since our inception in 2009 ...

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